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Hai Team,

I just want some help in resolving the following I don't know much about Xforms.

<xf:constraint id="constraint-13-constraint" value=". &gt; current-date()" level="error"/>

here it is showing only value should be greater than current date and should accept only 1st day of the month.can u please provide solution.
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Re: regarding xforms

Alessandro  Vernet
Hi Balaji,

Assuming `.` is of type xs:date, then you should be able to use the following to check that the date is the first of the month:

    day-from-date(.) = 1


    day-from-date(xs:date('2017-04-05')) = 1 ⇒ returns false
    day-from-date(xs:date('2017-04-01')) = 1 ⇒ returns true

You'll let us know if this works for you,

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