Trying to get the xforms-models.xpl pipeline to work...

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Trying to get the xforms-models.xpl pipeline to work...




I’m interested in being able to send an XHTML page containing XForms, with in-line instance data, to Orbeon so that it will be processed server-side, applying calculations, constraints, etc, and the updated instance data returned to the client.


I found the xforms-models.xpl pipeline, dating back to 2009, and thought that this might be of help. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble running the pipeline in a modern instance of Orbeon.


I have set-up a page-flow that calls the pipeline and I’m currently experimenting with just the first step of the pipeline that appears to extract the models and instances from the input form. The problem I’m getting is that Orbeon is complaining about the function call:





The error in the logs is:


Error at line 79 of oxf:/apps/sandbox/xforms-models-test.xpl:                                                         |

|XPath syntax error at char 32 on line 79 in {context:enc                                                              |

|odeXML($static-stat...}:                                                                                              |

|    Cannot find a matching 1-argument function named {java:org.orbeon.oxf.pipeline.StaticExte                         |

|rnalContext}encodeXML()                                                                                               |

|Error at line 97 of oxf:/apps/sandbox/xforms-models-test.xpl:                                                         |

|XPath syntax error at char 33 on                                                                                      |

| line 97 in {context:encodeXML($dynamic-sta...}:                                                                      |

|    Cannot find a matching 1-argument function named {java:org.orbeon                                                 |





In other tests it also complained about:





Am I right in assuming that things have changed internally since 2009 and that aspects of this pipeline need to be rewritten to reflect Orbeon’s current APIs and internals?


If so, I’d really appreciate some pointers as to how and where to start.






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