Set repeated grid control value as the url parameters to a GET request

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Set repeated grid control value as the url parameters to a GET request

I've a case to get employee details based on employee id. This value comes from the repeated grid as user can enter multiple ids. It should then call the service and set the details of employee in the other controls in same repetition.

I cannot do the POST method as my rest service do not accept it. 

Tried using an action to set the URL parameters for a GET request. 

Steps I did - 

1.Create http service
* enter the resource url
* Method - GET
* Serialisation - HTML form
* URL parameters - employeeid in first column first row and left blank in second column first row (the value of this emplyee id is set from the control in the repeated grid)
2. Create action
* run action when 'employeeId' control changes its value
* call created http service
* set service request values - control 'employeeId' and xpath - '/request/employeeid '
* and response to the respective controls in the same iteration

It does not give any response. Also tested the http service using the test button in HTTP service editor by entering a sample employeeid in the url parameters section -> receives a resource error. It works when I pass the same value in the url and test it it works and returns a response.

Need help in setting the get request parameter from the repeated grid control?

Thank you

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