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PDF does not show data


That works very well except when we retrieve the PDF of the form using https://[orbeonformsurl]/forms/fr/[app]/[form]/pdf/[document]?fr-language=[language]

The repeat part does not show in the pdf.

Any way to fix this. I've included the form in attachment.


We have a table that we populate using a <xf:submission form that retrieves data from a a Rest service call. e.g.

             <xf:submission id="EmployeeService-submission"


<xf:repeat id="employee-repeat" ref="instance('EmployeeService-instance')/*">

                                                <xf:output ref="concat(fadNumber,' - ',firmId,' - ',fullAddress)" mediatype="text/html"/>


                                                <xf:output ref="concat(firstName,' ',lastName)" mediatype="text/html"/>
                                                <xf:output ref="fdcp" mediatype="text/html"/>
                                                <xf:output ref="startDate" mediatype="text/html"/>
                                                <xf:output ref="endDate" mediatype="text/html"/>