Old documentation (for 3.9)

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Old documentation (for 3.9)

I'm after a copy of the Orbeon Forms User Guide for version 3.9.

We will still be supporting our customers on this version for a year or two and I need to enable them to write more functional xforms for their users.

We just ran a training course (very basic sort of stuff) for 10 of them yesterday and we have created some documentation and samples of the sort of things they want to do but I would like to provide them with access to reasonably accurate documentation about the details of the available extensions and xpath functions that work in version 3.9.

I have found a reasonably complete copy of the older user guide for version 3.7 (at http://www.argonauta.org/orbeon_n2portlet/doc/index) and have cloned a copy to my local PC.

My questions are:

1) Can I publish a copy of this from our website for our customers (no licensing or copyright restrictions?)

2) Is there a reasonably complete copy of the version 3.9 documentation available anywhere?

3) Failing that, for the purposes of composing eforms, is there much difference between 3.7 to 3.9? (I know, dredging old memories here :-)

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Re: Old documentation (for 3.9)

Alessandro  Vernet
Hi Brian,

Sure, feel free to republish this documentation on your web site. Back in 3.9 days, the documentation was mostly on wiki.orbeon.com, which was using Google Sites, and doesn't have a way to get a snapshot of the site a given point in time. (Now things are much easier as the source for the documentation is on GitHub.) But the Wayback Machine can help here. 3.9 was released mid-2011, and subsequent dot releases were made in 2012. 4.0 is from 2013, so looking at the sate of the documentation sometime in 2012 should do the trick:


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