Invalid format of Web service response

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Invalid format of Web service response

I'm working on a Web service that calls and another server and gets the response. The issue is I'm getting the response but I'm only able to access the first tag. When I print the entire instance, the response is in a single line.
Submission :
<xforms:submission id='request-fruit-basket' serialization = 'none'
Resource =''
Method='get' mediatype='application/xml'
Replace='instance' instance='fruit-basket'
xforms:username='owner' xxforms:password='fruitsAreLife'>
<xforms:message ev:event='xforms-submit-done' level='modal'>
<xforms:output value="instance('fruit-basket')"/>

Ideally the  response should be something like this in the popup
Expectation :


I checked in soap ui. The raw output xml is in a single line. Could anybody help me with this? How to differentiate between different tags and how to access nested tags as well.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Invalid format of Web service response

Alessandro  Vernet
Hi Sukriti,

Typically, you would use an `<xf:message>` for debugging. If this is indeed your case, you can show the XML received with the following XPath: `saxon:serialize(instance('fruit-basket'), 'xml')`. Also make sure that you have the `saxon` prefix declared adding a `xmlns:saxon=""`, for instance on the root element of your document.

You'll let us know if this works for you,

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