API call back handler on UI side while saving the form

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API call back handler on UI side while saving the form


We have angularjs application. we have used the iframe to display orbeon
form in our application.
Firstly integrated the orbeon form using java embedding api
able to access orbeon form from the jsp application, Jsp application
provides form url that url called by iframe from angularjs application,
Orbeon form is displayed in my angularjs application.

When click the send button send action will call the API to save orbeon form
data in DB,
This action we confirgured on property file like below

We want to get the response on our UI side without redirect on any page,
Like you mention navigate action, Can I get response on this action when

I write javascript method for example
<property as="xs:string"
  send( uri =
        method = "POST",  
        content = "xml")
  then navigate(uri = "javascript:myFunction()")


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